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74 results
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Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Cloud
Sold by Shadow Byrd.
Malabrigo Rios in Hypnotic from KnitCrate
Sold by amaker a.
Uru Yarn Silk DK
Sold by sgrefe s.
Audine Wools Shine Sport - Sprout
Sold by Jennifer A.
Looking for The Verdant Gryphon Mithril Yarn
Sold by lolleepops l.
Looking for LB Hometown USA
Sold by Sereneandevergreen.
Knitologie Glowing Sea
Sold by Lola S.
Looking for Bohemian waxwing
Sold by Roy L.
Vidalana stone
Sold by Danielle W.
Desperately Seeking Glowing Worsted
Sold by whichknotwitch w.
Uru yarn sugared worsted
Sold by Jessica W.
Katia "HAPPY"
Sold by Larry H.
Kestrel - Knitologie Worsted Merino
Sold by owlfluffyknitter o.
ISO Audine Wools Superwash DK
Sold by Kahlan Amnell.
Vidalana Aloft Tiger Lily
Sold by Lyndsey M.
Aloft​,​ Wee Violets
Sold by chickenlittle1002 c.
Knitologie Incline Sock in Rufous Backed Kingfisher
Sold by Mandi G.
Knitologie Glowing Worsted (Pacyderm​/​Flying Trapeze)
Sold by knitchocolateluv k.
Baa Ram Ewe - Dovestone - Shades 2 and 4
Sold by Lindsay A.
Looking for Knitcrate January 2019 Artisan Crate
Sold by Jasmine P.
Minis !
Sold by kaeelef k.
Knitologie Kiss
Sold by Leikny S.
Three Irish girls artisan crate January
Sold by Chantal O.
Desperately needing Sirdar Bouffle Color 720
Sold by msdede3958 m.
Audine Wools Halo DK in Mouse
Sold by Stephanie s.
Audine Wools Halo DK in Ash
Sold by Yulia Linderoth.
ISO Red Head Fibers Peaches
Sold by Aimee H.
Baah La Jolla fuschia
Sold by Rosemary C.
Sold by Ava.
Richard Poppleton Frisco
Sold by lisa j.
ISO Kraemer Tatamy Tweed DK
Sold by Anne B.
ISO knitcrate December sockcrate colorway
Sold by Jane H.